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Courses :

1. Professional Florist Certification Course

2. European Flower Arrangement

3. Bouquet and Floral Gift Design

4. Wedding Flower and Bridal Bouquet

5. Diploma Course for Commercial Florist and Management

6. Flowers for Wedding Party and Special Occassions

7. Comprehensive French Floral Art Design

8. Trendy Floral Art in Glassware

9. "Preserved Flower" Floral Art

10. England Style Floral Art

11. New Oriental Floral Art

12. Creative Workshop

13. Silk and Dry Flower Design Art Course

14. Creative Display and Art Design Higher Diploma Course

15. Designer and Lecturer Higher Diploma Course

16. Professional Studies in Business and Floristry, UK
Hong Kong Modern Flower Arrangement School courses are designed together with and acknowledged by I.F.A.A. (International Floral Arts Association).

Flowers and materials using for each class will be provided by the school to ensure the desirable quality that needed for each arrangement.

Student who completed the course and passed in the examination is entitled to apply for the I.F.A.A. certificate.
1. Professional Florist Certificate Course    

- This intensive course is the best choice for people who planned to run or work in a florist shop.
- This certificate course includes 3 basic but essential courses
1. Course #2 - European Flower Arrangement (Elementary Course)
2. Course #3 - Bouquet and Floral Gift Design (Elementary Course)
3. Course #4 - Wedding Flower and Bridal Bouquet (Elementary Course)

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