Student Code

1. The School reserves the copy right on all tuition material, notes, pictures, designs etc. Circulation, publishing, or other uses of these material are not allowed without the written consent from the School.
2. The School will be closed on public holidays. No classes will be held when storm warning signal No.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force. If, however, the storm/ rainstorm signal is lowered 2 hours before commencement of class, the class will be held as scheduled. ( If Yellow or Red Rainstorm warning is held, all classes are held as normal.)
3. If students cannot attend any lesson, please notify the School 4 working days ahead. If you notify the school by email, it will only be valid with the email reply confirmation from the School. Please state your full name, class, time & contact phone no. in the email. Students should keep record of confirmation from the school if application for absence is made by email.
4. Students absent from lessons have to pay for the material. Students should collect their materials no later than the next working day. Students attend the class with 30 minutes late are considered absence.
5. All examination material and certificate cost are to be paid separately.
6. If students cannot attend the supplementary class offered by the School two times, they have to pay for the third time. All supplementary class will be guided & competed with assistant from tutor, no demonstration will be given.
7. May be as a result of seasonal price, exchange rate fluctuation, the School reserves the right to adjust the price of material fee reasonably after enrolment.
8. All examination should take place within one month after the course completed. Application thereafter are subject to an administration fee of $800.- per subject. An administration fee per course (comprehensive course are not counted as 1) of $500 will be levied for the 2nd request of time schedule changes. Except for overseas students, leave shall not exceeds 20% of the class and the School reserve the right to charge for supplementary class. Except for special reasons and the School’s written consent, suspension of classes or leave for more than 6 months will be regarded as automatic withdrawal and exemption of all paid fees.
9. All fee paid are not refundable, nor can they be transferred or used as tuition fee or material fee for any courses.
10. No outside listeners, no tape recording nor video taking is allowed in the School. Photo taking is allowed only after the completion of demonstration.
11. Students are free to buy any vases, containers, floral foam, scissors and other materials but they cannot be borrowed outside the School. Students have to compensate the School for any destruction at its selling price.
12. All tuition fees do not include material fees. Students are to purchase unified materials prepared by the School for practical exercises. The material fees are to be paid lesson by lesson. (Students are prohibited to bring along their own floral materials.)
13. The School reserves the right on any changes of the course, including change of date, time and location.
14. The School may call for assistant from respective Authority for any misconduct.
15. The School reserves the right to dismiss any student at its discretion.
16. The School may from time to time update this rules & regulations without individual notice, please take note to the notice board periodically.
17. The School shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, expense, accident, injury or damage to any person as a result of negligence by the person or not. Students are herewith advised to arrange insurance cover from their own insurance company.