Intensive Classes

For those people who want to complete our courses in a short period of time, the following intensive short courses are most fit their needs. All the following courses last for 1 to 7 days and will be guided and completed with assistant from tutor, content are the same as the one in normal classes. Please refer to the respective course content for more information. Please email or phone our school for date reservation and confirmation before enrolment.

The following cost includes the respective tuition fee, flower, notes, containers (3 containers for Elementary European Flower Arrangement, 4 for Florist Management & 4 for Trendy Floral Art-Transparent Container), foam, gift baskets & boxes, wire, floral tape, wrapping materials, etc.

1. Professional Florist Certificate Course (i.e. course #2, #3 and #4=55 lessons, 6 days) HK$54,600
2. European Flower Arrangement (elementary 25 sessions, 3 days) HK$26,430
3. Professional Bouquet and Floral Gift Design Certificate Course (elementary 15 sessions, 2 days) HK$19,610
4. Wedding Flower and Bridal Bouquet Certificate Course (elementary 15 sessions, 2 days) HK$19,610
5. Diploma Course for Commercial Florist and Management (15 sessions, 3 days) HK$49,290
6. Flowers for Wedding Party and Special Occasions (20 sessions, 4 days) HK$59,520
7. Comprehensive French Floral Art Design (elementary 15 sessions, 3 day) HK$23,020
8. Trendy Floral Art – Transparent Container (elementary 10 sessions, 2 days) HK$19,670
9. “Preserved Flower” Floral Art (elementary 10 sessions, 2 days) HK$18,600
10. England Style Floral Art (10 sessions, 2 days) HK$31,930
11. New Oriental Style Floral Art (10 sessions, 2 days) HK$14,730
12. Creative Workshop
12A. Creative Congratulations Flower Basket (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$22,160
12B. Creative Bouquets (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$21,390
12C. Creative Wedding Bouquets (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$21,240
12D. Creative Pot Plant Arrangement (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$21,240
12E. Creative Vegetative Floral Arrangement (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$19,380
12F. Creative Christmas Floral Arrangement (6 sessions, 1 day) HK$21,240
12G. Creative Gift Wrapping & Hampers Setting (10 sessions, 2 days) HK$33,790

Remarks :
– Extra 5% off for 2 joining same course
– all examination material and certificate cost are not included
– student may apply for some courses to start at later stage
– The School has absolute discretion in the scheme