About Us

Established in 1997, Hong Kong Modern Flower Arrangement School Ltd was founded to provide professional training for the people whom aim to be world-class florists.

Flowers have been an essential part of our lives since time began. Artefacts remains from earliest civilizations which show the importance that flower held for human beings. Nowadays, flowers carry different meanings. Well arranged flowers can ignite the moods we need, calming down people’s senses, decorating our environment or reflecting personal tastes. The 20th century has been tremendous growth in the floristry industry and great developments in flower arranging as a recognized profession, moreover, a modern culture or an art. How to mingle the latest floral designs with modern living? How to mix successfully some of the less familiar flowers with the typical ones? We offer professional advices at the same time carry you through an inspirational way of learning.

We believed well-trained and abrasive techniques are the base for every flower arranger. And successful floral designers may have the newest and brightest ideas to arranging flowers to combine every interior. We provide our students wide range traditional floral design techniques and the knowledge of flowers and tools. But what made us distinctive is to encourage our students to break the mould of conventional flower arrangements, support experimentation and innovation by showing characters in her/his works.

We keep ourselves close to the market and the upcoming floral trends. It is our pleasure by showing our students the latest species of flowers that appearing in the market, also the special way of placing it in our arrangement. We travel often to the floral design leading countries such as France, Belgium, Japan, Holland, UK, not only to bring back the new tools and materials but pieces of creativity found along the way. With our exciting new aesthetic for flowers, we created artistic and masterful flower arranging skills in our own style, to teach and to inspire.

Our Commitment
We understand most of our students are taking the course as an extra curriculum and may not able to attend every class on the schedule due to personal task. To avoid any lost, students only need to report absence 4 working days prior to the class, we will re-schedule the class to her/his accommodation. On the job training and subsequent job opportunities would be available for outstanding students.