16. Professional Studies in Business and Floristry, U.K. *

Hong Kong Modern Flower Arrangement School (MFAS), a symbol of providing high professional quality training and management in floristry, is awarded and recognized as the “Approval Centre of Providing Training and Examination” by The Institute of Commercial Management, UK (ICM) , a famous worldwide UK-based training and qualifying institute. MFAS is further endorsed by Buckinghamshire New University, UK (Bucks) that the eligible candidates can be considered for direct entry to the Top-up degree for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Studies*.

All eligible candidates of MFAS’s Diploma in Business and Floristry, Advanced Diploma in Business and Floristry and Professional Diploma in Business and Floristry, after completing and passing relevant examinations, are eligible to receiving a corresponding diploma from ICM in additional to a diploma from MFAS. Some eligible candidates can be admitted directly to the top-up degree for BA (Hons) in Professional Studies offer by Bucks*. This is a British honours degree recognized by the UK Government and internationally.

The Professional Studies in Business and Floristry will not only cover the latest, trendy, advanced techniques and practical floral knowledge, but also emphasize the essences of international standard business management know-how.

Levels in The Qualifications and Credit Framework, UK (QCF) :
ICM Diploma in Business and Floristry = QCF level 4 or British university 1st year;
ICM Advanced Diploma in Business and Floristry = QCF level 5 or British university 2nd year;
ICM Graduate Diploma in Business and Floristry / Bucks’ BA (Hons) in Professional Studies = QCF level 6 or British university 3rd year.

Language Medium : Cantonese (supplemented with English/Latin terminology)

Special Features : Part-time study. It is a combination of professional business and floristry course and a fast track to complete a BA (Hons) degree* in a short period of 2 years.

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which the course may lead.
* The programme is a ‘purely distance learning course’ and therefore not subject to the Non-local Higher & Professional Education Registration in Hong Kong.